Monday, August 21, 2017

Zenith & Quasar Winter Round

Zenith & Quasar has amazing athletic brushed poly. They also always have amazing prints. The winter round is no different.

This print may look familiar. This is Forest Floor. Last year another version was offered called Branches & Berries. I LOVE this version.

This is my favorite kind of winter print - it can be worn from now until spring.  My top is a modified Agnes from Halla Patterns. I mainly did the bodice color blocking and added tall cuffs to the sleeves.

Everyone knows I'm a certified Crazy Cat lady, so I had to have this Cool Cats print and panel when I saw the strike off. When I saw the digital image, I'll admit, I wasn't sold. But seriously - LOOK HOW CUTE!

Look at this panel up close - Are those cats not adorable? I just love the cat wearing a bowtie with the headphones,

This is the Elle Puls Bethouia  - which I LOVE. I love a raglan shirt - but sometimes think they look so plain from the back. Not the Bethouia - I just love how the sleeves extend and connect at the back of the neck.

Since this was a "Cat" print - I had to make my kitty a shirt too. Doesn't Garfield look cute?

Don't let these picture fool you - Garfield is a small cat at 9 pounds. He looks enormous in these photos. I think it's all his fluffy hair.

This preorder closes on August 31st. Garfield says to make sure you order or you'll be sad. Order at https://www.zenithandquasar.com/