Monday, July 31, 2017

The Fabric Geeks Nautical Dream

I just love the new round at The Fabric Geeks. I love to cruise and have one coming up in September. So I was so excited to get to sew up one of the panels - The Deep Blue Sea.

The Nautical Dream pre-order closes on August 11th. There are panels, prints, solids, and a gorgeous watercolor stripe.

The Deep Blue Sea panel is simply gorgeous! I love the watercolor effect.

I also love the "never stop exploring"! I love to travel, especially by sea, and I hope it never comes to an end.

The graphic on the panel is quite big and I wanted to show off as much of it as I could. I made the BLAST from Duck Butt Designs.

I paired the panel with this wave print from Wanderlust.

I'm ready to set sail!