Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Zenith and Quasar Round 19 Ocean

There are so many amazing prints in Zenith & Quasar's 19th round! This round is all about the Ocean and aquatic life. All of these prints are available for preorder on Athletic Brushed Poly (ABP) and Swim knit. The preorder price is $20/yard. The preorder closes on March 31st!

I was sent 4 samples and they are all stunning!

This is the Floral Whale Stripe. Each of these whales/dolphins/orcas is beautifully watercolor painted with a floral design.

The colors pair nicely with the teal heathered ABP (currently out of stock).

You really have to see the close up images to appreciate the beauty in the design.

See the beautiful details?

This is the Leafy Sea Dragons. This design is very subtle yet beautiful.

The design has lost of grey and white and the sea dragons have a few pops of color.

The background also contains some tribal design elements that make this print very unique. This design is created by a popular designer on Spoonflower - Nouveau_bohemian.

See how beautiful these sea dragons are?

This is the Diatoms print. This is a drawing by Ernst Haeckel done in 1903.

This one is special to me because I took Ernst Haeckel's drawing and digitally colored each diatom and made the back ground black.  See the original design and the information on the species of diatoms HERE.

The colors  turned out beautiful. There is such a variety that you could pair this design with almost any color.

Here's a view of the Diatoms. The detail Ernst Haeckel drew is simply amazing!

This is the Great Waves print.

I actually got this sample last year and have worn this top a lot. The ABP is so wonderful at holding up well wash after wash. The colors remain vibrant and crisp.

This is Whale Tribe. This design is so strikingly beautiful when you look really close at the details.

This design is also by Nouveau_bohemian. It has a very similar tribal design as the Leafy Sea Dragons.

I love this purple color with it. It goes perfectly with the background.

See the gorgeous detail in the design?

This preorder closes on March 31st! Don't miss out.