Monday, March 20, 2017

Lyrically Mused Fabrics

Round C is now open for Preorders at Lyrically Mused Fabrics through April 3rd. There are so many prints this round, Astrology, Floral, and an' Old School/New School" tattoo inspired print.

I think someone has been snooping my Facebook profile, because they some how knew that my zodiac sign is the Taurus and sent me this panel.

They are also running the galaxy print with constellations as a coordinate - but it would look great all on it's own as well.

I made the Halla Soho Top and used some stars from TKB prints for the sleeves.

I also had a little bit of fabric left over so I made 2 pairs of my favorite underwear - The Stitch Upon a Time Scrundlewear.

The colors in this print are so pretty!

I made one pair with the extra fabric from the panel and one with the scraps from the coordinate. Then I used the TKB stars for the rest.