Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Sparkly Baby Women's Renni Dress

A Sparkly Baby (ASB) has some great women's and kid's patterns. I tested the Women's Renni Dress and think I'll be making so many this year.

Buy the Women's Renni Dress pattern (and all the ASB patterns) for 30% off with the code "Renni" through April 2nd.

I made this one using the Aqua Whales at preorder from Zenith & Quasar Fabrics and some lightweight purple jersey knit. I NEVER wear dresses so I made the tunic length Renni.

The purple jersey knit was so light weight, that I needed to use two layers for the bodice. This made it a bit more challenging to sew.

I also had to add a strip of supplex to the neckband so it had sufficient support and give. So ignore the slight wonkiness where the skirt attaches to the front bodice. Getting those two layers of the bodice attached to the gathered skirt was difficult! They kept shifting and sliding. In hind sight, I should have basted the bodice pieces together before I tried to attach it to the skirt.

But, I'm okay with the slight imperfection. I still love the fit and the look of it.

If you know me well, you will know that I love jellyfish. My necklace is a jellyfish given to me as a gift.

When the testing of the Renni Dress started, I order material for the test from So Sew English. I purchased three different colors of Modal. This is the Coral Modal. It's a great buy at $7.99 a yard.

You can gather the skirt back either evenly or concentrated in the middle. I think I prefer it all toward the middle.

The modal knit has such great drape. I love how it looks.

I love the flattering style and fir of the Renni tunic. I also bought a Mint Modal and a Purple Modal from So Sew English. I'll be making Renni tunics with them as well. I think these will look so great with all my patterned leggings this spring and summer.

Now I know I said I NEVER wear dress - but I was loving the look and fit of the Renni so much that I decided to try a Maxi Dress!?!?! Shocking - I know!

I have two maxi dresses in my closet and I do pull them out during the hot Texas summers. So when I got these amazing gradient dots from Little Roots Fabrics - I had to try the Renni Maxi. I LOVE it! I'm thinking I may even make one with sleeves to wear to work.

I was changing clothes outside when I did my photos - and didn't notice until I looked at my photos - that I did not pull my bodice down completely. So, ignore those wrinkles right above my bust.