Thursday, January 12, 2017

Moon Beam Textile Company - Blood Shed Round

The Blood Shed Round at Moon Beam Textiles is for fans of Dead Pool and Zombies. It's all bloody.

The naughty panels are sold in sets of 3. I got one from the Dead Pool set and one from the zombie set.

The preorder is open through January 21st. Order at  https://moon-beam.myshopify.com/collections/pre-orders

I made a pair of the Stitch Upon A Time Scrundlewear with parts of both panels (I'll explain in a bit).

Here is is the backside. I have not seen the movie Dead Pool - so I have no idea what this is about!

I also made a beanie with some of both panels. I'll explain this further down.

I figured "Aim for the Head" was perfect for a beanie hat.

Due to the size of the naughty panel, for the beanie - I had to cut out half from one panel and half from the other panel. The beanie is reversible and the pattern piece was too tall to cut 2 out of the panel's height. That still left me with enough from both panels combined to make the panties.  So one naughty panel alone is not enough for a beanie by itself.