Monday, January 30, 2017

Little Roots Fabrics

I've blogged about Little Roots Fabrics before. They are a new group that's been working out some kinks to ensure they are bringing the very best fabric that they can - and I think they finally did it.

Little Roots Fabrics is based on creating a custom knit fabric with as little environmental impact as possible. And that's something I can really appreciate.

How are they doing this? Well, they are sourcing USA grown cotton, having it knitted here in the USA, and it's being printed in the USA using no harsh chemicals. This gives you a product that is truly made in the USA through and through.  

Doing all this, does come at a cost. The preorder pricing is $26.50/yard. This is higher than imported custom fabrics, but you have to understand that material and labor costs in the USA are higher than in other countries.

You can view the prints offered and order at https://little-roots-fabrics.myshopify.com/collections/pre-orders The pre-order is open through February 18th.

I was sent the Mystical Creatures print to play with. It's intended as a child's print - but I love it for me. I think any nature and wildlife loving adult will enjoy this print as much as a child.

These "mystical creatures" feature some cute little characters. I especially love the little "tree man" as I call him  - in all green with branches sticking out from his head.

The top I made is the free Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions with some color-blocking that I did on my own. To get the pattern free - get the code from the Facebook group pinned post.
I wanted to conserve my print for another little project.

I decided to make a little 3-6 month size baby set. Below you see my applique of "Berry Girl" and "Apple Fox" with a little leaf to make it complete.

I didn't let any scrap go to waste, and did a few little appliques.

Below is my little "tree man" on the back on the little top.

The top is Fresh Stitch Patterns lap neck tee and the bottoms are the free kids leggings from Halla Patterns.

Just another shot - because I think it's sooo cute.

There are some other great prints and panels offered in this preorder. There are vikings, fairies, and some really cool waves. The preorder closes on February 18th.