Monday, January 2, 2017

Firenza Irresistible Baking Mixes Gingerbread Mix

I was put on a diet that eliminates most gluten. So I have been trying lots of gluten free mixes.

So far, my favorite is this Gingerbread mix from Firenza. You can use it to make a cake, cookies, or muffins. 

Here is the box with my ingredients in the background. I was making the cup cakes.

I had to add 2 eggs, some oil, and milk. I also can't have milk, so I added lactose free milk instead. I used coconut oil for the oil.

My raw dough ready to go in the oven. The dough is fairly runny and was easy to pour into the cupcake/muffin pan.

Here is the side of the box showing the nutritional information. It shows 10 servings, but I made 12 cupcakes.

Here are the instructions on the box.

The instructions for cookies.

Here are my cupcakes right out of the oven. I was very impressed with how much they rose. I had tried another mix that resulted in hockey puck like muffins.

These also tasted amazing. They were very moist and had a great flavor.

I purchased this mix at Kroger when I found it in the mark-down section. It appears they only carried it for the Thanksgiving holiday. I did find the company's website - http://great-recipes.com/
They only have a few gluten free mixes - http://great-recipes.com/site_directory/about/gluten-free.html They have free shipping on orders of 6 boxes or more. I may have to order some if I can't find them locally - they were that good.