Tuesday, January 17, 2017

100 Item Sewing Challenge

Last year I challenged myself to make 100 items to giveaway. These were items I was sewing and donating to various charity auction - and I did it! I actually made over my goal of 100! This year I'm going to take it a little slower and will still attempt to make 100 items this year, but I'm not setting a specific goal for how many I want to give away.

This year a new Facebook Group has formed that will help me meet this goal - and maybe win some prizes. It's the 2017 - 100 items sewing challenge!

First - take a look at all these sponsors!

And the list is growing! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor - message the admin - Aimee Swan.

Here are the details of the challenge...

  • You must create 8 items per month to be entered into the monthly prize drawings
  • You must make the goal of 100 for the year - for a chance at the grand prize in December
  • You can join in at any time - eligible for each month you participate
  • To help you reach your goal, there will be 6 sew-alongs and discount codes for patterns]
Here are the rules...

  • Upload photos of your finished items to your album as you complete them 
  • Items must not be sold as part of a business - they can be for friends, family, gifts, personal etc. 
  • A machine embroidery item with at least 10k stitches can count as an item. An item embroidered then sewn into another item can count as two.
  • Small items can be grouped to count as one - this is based on the individual and their discretion - ie. Headbands, socks, small embroidered items etc. 
  • Large items, like quilts, can be broken up at the makers discretion. 
  • Heat Vinyl Transfer (HTV) or hand embroidery - makers discretion of how to group and count these.
  • Sewing for charity or strike offs count towards your 100 - remember to number your items and upload the monthly placeholder photo!
Optional Challenges...
  • Selfish sewing - have at least one selfish sew item per month.
  • Stash buster - only purchase coordinates and sew through your stash
  • 8 items per month - upload at least 8 items by last day of each month to be eligible for raffle.
  • Grand prize will be raffled off in December for those that have 100 items in their album.

Our wonderful list of sponsors is growing!
Sponsors are eligible to participate in the challenge and will be eligible to win any prize that is not their own.

The Admin, Aimee Swan, will do the drawings and is not eligible to win.

If you are interested in sewing 100 items - or even just a few - and want some moral support and a few cheerleaders to encourage you -please join! I guarantee you will make virtual friends and have fun completing some projects. My album is already started and my first 9 items are in there. Click HERE to take a look.