Saturday, September 10, 2016

Back to School Tour: Mom's Edition

I love patterns from Everything Your Mama Made and love every chance I get to do a blog tour with them.

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For this blog tour, I decided to make a pattern that I have owned for awhile and had never gotten around to making - the Piko Top.

After I made one - I couldn't stop. I finally told myself that I had more than enough for this blog tour and that I needed to get to writing my blog. I made one of about each variation. There are 3 different hem lines, and 3 sleeve variations.

The Piko is a flowy, loose fitting top. I found that I liked it best when I sized down. Even though my measurements clearly put me in a medium/large, I felt like the small gave me the best fit visually. In the medium, I felt like I was drowning in fabric. I think that's due to my short height (5').

This is the "Regular" straight hem, long sleeve variation. This version is the widest and roomiest. I added a few inches to the length of this one since I wanted to wear it with leggings. I added roughly 4 inches.

This fabric is from Zenith and Quasar. My leggings are another EYMM pattern - the "Get Moving" Leggings. These have an athletic fit with a tighter thigh and higher rise.

I loved that the long sleeves could be made from a different print and not look odd.

I made two version of the "Side Tail" version. This was my husbands favorite. This one has a little more shape to it, but still a ton of ease in the fit. This shows the long sleeve variation.

Here I just threw it on with a pair of blue jeans and a big chunky necklace. I did make one screw up on this one - I accidentally cut the back piece the "wrong" way against the grain, and it's a 2-way stretch knit. Since it does have a ton of ease - I just sewed it up anyway. It's not noticeable when I wear it.

I then made the Patterns for PiratesPirate Pencil Skirt (the pattern is free with a code from the group's pinned post). I loved how this top went with the pencil skirt - the 2 are perfect together.

Then I made the 3/4 length sleeve version.

This fabric was some I picked up at Golden D'or during an inventory sale for 99 cents a yard. I was never quite sure what to make after I brought it home, but decided it was a good muslin for this pattern - and I ended up loving it!

The fabric is slightly sheer and I am wearing a white tank top under it.

I then made the "Hi-Low" version. I actually made 3 - but 2 are in my - need to hem pile. This one was my favorite. This is the "slimmest" version, but still has a great deal of ease. This is the short sleeve - sleeves length.

In these photos, I paired it with some jeans and a fun necklace. I love how the low back hides my behind. I made this one using a 31" remnant from Jo-Ann's. I was impressed, I could get it out of a short cut like that.

I then wore my top to work one day, and discovered I had the perfect air of olive colored slacks to wear with it.

I love all the tops I made and that I could make the short sleeve version of the "hi-low" hem in under 1 yard of fabric. This pattern is definitely going to get made very frequently from now on.

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