Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Zenith and Quasar - Vote Like a Girl!

Zenith and Quasar is always offering some unique prints that inform and teach. This round is no different. It's Vote Like a Girl and highlights 9 Suffragettes who changed the world and helped earn women around the right to vote. This Preorder is open through the end of August.

The Suffragettes featured are:
Sojourner Truth
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Susan B. Anthony 
Victoria Woodhull 
Kate Sheppard 
Emmeline Pankhurst 
Ida B. Wells 
Louise McKinney 
Sophia Duleep Singh

Many colors of this panel are offered. The panels are a fat half on a yard with the other fat half being a solid color or striped for the suffrage flag panels.

But my favorite was the the panel based on the Suffrage flag. The Green/Purple was popular in Britain and Gold/Purple was popular in the US, although there was a lot of crossover of both and some solid colored flags as well. 

You can see examples of items used to promote the movement here - https://www.nwhm.org/online-exhibits/votesforwomen/gallery_1.html

There are also these panels

And here is a lineup of all the solid colored panels and prints.

I chose the Suffrage flag print and the green photo collage print. I also have the flower print that I need to sew.

Here is the top I made.

This is the Piko top from Everything Your Mama Made. I'll have a full blog soon of all the options from this pattern. It's really great, easy, and fast.