Sunday, August 7, 2016

5 out of 4 Free Lounge Pants!

I make my son a few pairs of pajamas every year. It was finally time for me to make him some new ones. I asked him if he wanted me to make the new ones just like his old ones. He told me no - he wanted some with pockets. Pockets? Who needs pockets in their pajama pants? Well apparently the few store bought ones he has, all have pockets and he said he likes pockets.

No too long ago, I had seen a free lounge pants pattern on the 5 out of 4 Patterns website. I went to check it out and lo and behold - it had pockets! Get the free lounge pants pattern Here.
The pattern is unisex and has sizes by waist and hip measurement. There are 2 rises with the lower rise intended for women.

I printed the pattern and it went together perfectly. Then I had to tackle the problem of cutting the fabric out. My cutting table is about 40 inches long an these pants took the entire length with no room for me to maneuver my rotary cutter and my cutting mat is only 36". So I resorted to cutting these out on the floor. The next day my butt and legs were so sore. I discovered muscles I didn't know I had.

I have to admit that I didn't even read the instructions on how to make the lounge pants. I've made enough pants to know how to put them together, and I tend to add a few extra steps.

First I sewed the pocket piece onto the pants. This Circuit print is from Zenith and Quasar. This was from the original run and has a flaw. It was recently re-run on a super soft brushed poly and retail will be available soon. On a side note the name Zenith and Quasar was inspired by a show - The IT Crowd. You can find it on Netflix and it's hilarious.

Then I sewed the front leg to the back leg going around the outside of the pocket.

Then I sewed the crotch seams

And the rear seams.

My son's store bought pajama pants always seem to have failures of the crotch and butt area, To combat this, I use my cover stitch to topstitch this seam reinforcing it.

Now I sew the inseams.

Then I folded the top down an inch and sewed the end down using my coverstitch - leaving a gap for elastic. I added the elastic and coverstitched the opening closed. I actually did 2 rows of coverstitch because I missed the edge of the fabric the first time around. I mis-measured my fold.

And I added a tag so my son would know which was the front and back.

I then hemmed the legs using my coversitich, and I was done!

Here is the inside of the pocket on this pair. The pants are made with a computer code design that I purchased last year from Wanderlust Fabrics. The pockets are a bamboo lycra from Kimmy Snabric. If you have a computer geek in your family you will know that Alienware computers are big with computer geeks. So it makes perfect sense for aliens to be the pockets - trust me.

Here is a finished pair. I'll have to see if I can convince my child to model them. But first I need to make the tops that match.