Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Horizons Bali Blouse Full Back Hack

I loved testing the Bali Blouse for New Horizons. I loved the design and the fit. The open back is a unique feature and great for the summer. But I wanted to wear the Bali in the fall. I thought it would be so cute with a woven top with a knit bottom for the cooler weather - with a solid back.

So I decided to give a full back version a try. It's really easy.

You do everything the same for the top - except change the back piece.

Fold your fabric in half. Place the back piece on the fabric with the opening near the folded edge. I did mine with just a 0.5" gap from the fabric edge. I lined up the top of the piece to the edge of my fabric and made sure the grain line was straight on the pattern piece to the fabric.

This is what it looked like cut out.

I then marked on the fabric the line where the two piece would have overlapped - This would be where I would gather the fabric. This ended up not being a wide enough gathering area and I drew another mark 1" further out on both sides.

On the back bodice yoke I measured the center point and marked it - then marked a spot 2" to each side of the center. I gathered the back piece between the marks I made above and matched them up between the marks I made on the yoke.

Here is what one of my full back hacks looked like.

The sleeves and the yoke are knit - This is the Verse from Star Dust Textile company. It is currently at preorder (Actually it goes up on August 1st).

The body of the top is a lightweight poly jersey from Super Textiles in Dallas. I think I paid $3/yard for it. The color is beautiful and it's so soft.

You can see it a little here.

Full back!

I made another with the fabric in my photos demonstrating how to cut the full back - but I haven't worn it to take photos yet. I made that one sleeveless (another pattern hack).  I'll be sure to add them soon.