Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Pants

I am not a fan of dresses or skirts. If I wear one, I'm bound to show my rear to someone when I bend over. If I wear a maxi skirt or dress, then I'm likely to trip on the hem and fall. Yes I am clumsy.  But I do love how nice and cool they are in the heat of the Texas summer. But I also work indoors in an office that is usually too cold for my liking. So what's a girl to do? This girl decided to try some wide leg pants this year.

One of the benefits of being an Admin for Lilly at Zenith & Quasar, is that every now and then she sends me stuff she gets from her supplier to try out or that has been discontinued and there is not enough for her to stock. She sent me a yard of this gorgeous mint and white variegated Supplex last year. I was waiting for the perfect project and coordinate to come along before I cut into it. Lilly has some Supplex in stock Here, but there will be a preorder for all the available colors in August. Join the Facebook Group for updates.

One day, I got some remnants from Mandy at Made Whimsy (whom I also Admin for). One of the remnants was a piece of her 12 oz mint cotton Lycra. I noticed immediately that it was a perfect match to the Supplex. I knew then I was going to make either leggings or pants with the supplex and needed to order some Mint cotton Lycra for a top.

I love the A Sparkly Baby Women's Palauchos. They are a super quick sew and take a yard of fabric, plus a small bit of fabric for the waist band.

I made the Stitch Upon a Time Merryweather for the top. I've made many of these with color blocking and this was my first one to make without. But after I made it, I decided if I hemmed it, it would be shorter than I wanted. So I added an eyelet lace trim to the hem. I also made it 3/4 length sleeves since I do get cold at work and find this is a comfortable length for me to wear year round.

Zenith & Quasar also carries a variety of swim knits in fun prints. This pair I made using the Shattered Glass Swim knit. The swim knit is also UPF50 rated.

And my mint top matches it too.

I also made a pair using the Butterfly Garden Swim knit.

And it also goes great with my mint top.

So I am thrilled to have 3 pants that I can wear with my mint top. I was really worried initially that I would only wear it with the mint and white Supplex pants, but it works great with the others.

I think the loose breezy style will keep me cool this summer.