Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sew it Youself - The Laundry Day Tee into a MLM company Top

I went to my first ever MLM company party on May 1st. I only remember the date since it was the day before my birthday.

I went out of curiosity and to see what the items were like. I had purchased leggings from an online party and wanted to see if they had any tops that would match. I didn't find a matching top, but I did end up buying one that I liked the fit of and 2 pairs of leggings to match.

The top I bought was the MLM company Tee.

I really liked the loose fit and the box cut sides. One thing I didn't like was the short sleeves. I live in 3/4 length sleeves year round.  I also thought I could easily make this!

To make my own MLM company tee, I started by taking some measurements of the one I bought. I bought a size small. The width of the bottom hem was 44 inches. The length was 29 inches.

The basic shape of the MLM company Tee was very Similar to the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee. The Laundry Day Tee is a free pattern when you join the Facebook Group.

I took the pattern piece for my size (also is the size small) and laid it on top of some interfacing to trace and make my adjustments to.  The length I make my Laundry Day Tee is 30 inches (just a tad shorter than the tunic length cut line) - so I left the length the same on my new pattern.

The first adjustment I made was to add width to the bottom hem line. Since my MLM company Tee was 44 inches wide, I marked on my interfacing at 22.5 inches (to account for the seam allowance).

Marking my spot.

I then needed to trace a line from below my bust to the new hem line.

Here is showing where I drew my line from under the bust to the hem. I normally make my Laundry Day Tee a small at the bust and grade out a bit to give it more fullness - if you are wondering why my pattern is not cut on the size line.

I then added a straight line for the bottom hem to match the shape of the MLM company Tee.

Here is what my finished pattern piece looks like. The pattern piece did not change above the bust.

I constructed my tee following the directions for the laundry day tee until I get to the side seams.

I serge the sides of the front and back pieces. I then pin them together stopping 9 inches from the bottom hem.

This  inch section will not be sewn together. These will be the box cut slit on the sides.

I then stitched the side seams on my sewing machine using a stretch stitch (this is the lightening bolt looking stitch on my machine). I did a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Stopping and back stitching at the 9" mark.

I then hem the front and back using my coverstitch.

Showing the back side of the hem.

I then cut off the corner that stuck out.

I folded the corner in first - like this.

Then folded the side seam and clipped it in place.

Close up of the side seams of the box cut slit.

I then sewed the side seams up from the bottom hem using my stretch stitch on my sewing machine. After both side seams are hemmed, I then sew across the top of the box cut slit to reinforce it.

This is what the inside will look like.

Here I am wearing my DIY MLM company Tee.

And here is the box cut slit.

I love the fit of this top! I already made 2 and will definitely be making a few more.