Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Moon Beam Textiles - Gamer Round

You might recall that I recently sewed up some 100% cotton woven strike off from Star Dust Textiles that were Harry Potter themed into a quilt. Now I'm sewing up a 100% cotton woven strike off from the sister company - Moon Beam Textiles.

Kris Opsal designed a series of video game inspired prints for Fabric Igloo. Fabric Igloo went under and never had the designs printed. So Kris is running them as the Gamer round at Moon Beam Textiles. This round is open until April 21st. Order at https://moon-beam.myshopify.com/collections/pre-orders. Not only can you get 100% cotton woven, you can also get cotton lycra knit and minky.

When I made the Harry Potter quilt, I noted that the fabric was not a quilting cotton weight, but heavier. It's similar to a very light weight canvas. I though it would be perfect for making a handbag - so that's what I decided to do this go around.

The print I received is "Vault Boy" and is inspired by the Fallout 4 video game. I know nothing about this game - but my son does and he had asked for pajamas in this print when Fabric Igloo had it at preorder.

This is only the second hand bag I have ever made. I have heard lots of great things about Swoon Patterns. So I decided to give one of their free patterns a try. This is the Ethel Tote.

It's a nice size handbag. It's a roomy teardrop shape.

It has a divided pocket on the outside and on the inside.

I lined it with some black and white print quilting cotton - you can see a little bit of it in this photo.

So when I got this fabric, I showed it to my son and asked him - "Remember this fabric? Do you still want me to make you pajamas with it?". He took the fabric from me and held it, then looked at me and  said, "No way! That feels horrible". I had to explain to him that this wasn't the same fabric I would make him pajamas with. He then wanted to know what I was making. He kept checking in the sewing room to see what I was doing. After it was made, he asked me if I had sold it. I told him "no". He then asked me what I was going to do with it, and I told him I didn't know. I could tell what he was thinking, so I asked him if he thought his girlfriend would like it. He said "I think she would. Can I take a photo and ask her?" I told him he could and she did want it. He wanted to take it right away and I told him I had to take some photos first, then she could have it. So the purse has a new owner tonight. I'll be looking to see if she is carrying it next time I see her.