Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Star Dust Textiles - Harry Potter Prints Quilt

Star Dust Textiles is part of a group named Star Dust & Moon Beam Textile Company. Star Dust Textiles is run by Christina Coyle and Moon Beam Textiles is run by Kris Opsal. Kris is a wonderful graphic designer and produces designs for other custom knit groups. She designed a series of Harry Potter prints for Fabric Igloo. The owner of Fabric Igloo ended up never ordering the prints and scammed a lot of people by taking their money and never producing the fabric. Many people still wanted to but the fabric, so the Harry Potter prints are being run by Christina Coyle over at Star Dust Textiles. The preoder is open through March 31st.

Christina sent me strike offs of the cotton woven and minky. I received about a fat half of each cotton woven. The 100% cotton woven is heavier than your typical quilting cotton at 140-150 gsm versus 120 gsm. These are approximately 57" wide, making them wider than most quilting cottons. This weight of woven would be perfect for making handbags, totes, upholstery, clothing such as pants and jackets, and quilts - obviously.

I was also sent a fat half of the minky for the quilt back. The minky is nice and smooth. It has a little stretch to it.

The cotton woven was a breeze to cut and sew. The colors and print were crisp and vibrant. The minky was also easy to cut and since it did stretch a little, I did have to pin it a lot and try to make sure it did not stretch as I sewed it.

Here is my completed quilt.

We own several Harry Potter books, but I could only find one on the shelf in the study - and it happen to have lost it's cover.

I made the quilt approximately 35" by 35". The minky fat half was just a little to small, so I added a strip of minky to each side to make it big enough for the quilt.

I didn't have time to plan out any complicated pattern, and wanted to use good size squares to show off the fabric designs, so I just did a simple diagonal pattern.

Showing the minky back side.

This is the perfect size quilt for a baby or toddler. I don't have either, so this will be in the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards this weekend. Join the group to bid on it!