Monday, February 1, 2016

Sugar Ink Forget Me Not SUAT Merryweather

I recently sewed up a strike off from Sugar Ink Fabric of "Forget Me Not". It's a beautiful lace design that is done in soft shades of grey, purple, blue, and a little yellow. Christie Vanavi-Lin prints her designs on organic cotton lycra in Europe, but has strike offs printed at Spoonflower. My strike off came to me directly from Spoonflower and was printed on their new cotton lycra fabric.  Christie also prints on performance knit, PUL, french terry, poplin, and minky. The preorder for this fabric closes on February 7th.

I decided to make the Stitch Upon a Time Merryweather with the turtle neck collar. I've made a regular merryweather with a regular banded neck, but wanted to do a different variation this time.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

First sew the bodice top to the bottom.

I then topstitched the seam with my coverstitch.

Then the front and back together at the shoulders.

Now to pin the sleeve on. I start at the middle.

Here is the sleeve pinned in place. Yes I know I am using wonder clips, but it sounds funny to say I clamped it in place.

Then the sleeve is attached by serging the sleeves on.

Both sleeves are sewn on.

Then I put the shirt with right sides together and serged the side seams.

I like to add cuffs to my sleeves. Here I am making the cuffs.

Cuffs are serged on.

Now to make the turtle neck collar. First the piece is ironed in half. The short ends are serged.

Then the collar is turned right side out and the short ends are topstitched. I did these on the sewing machine since both sides will be visible, The piece is then assembled as shown below. It is basted so the pieces overlap by 3/4".

The collar is pinned on.

Then serged on.

Then the bottom of the top was ironed to make a 1" hem. I then hemmed it with my coverstitch.

Here I am in my Merryweather. I think I should have made the collar open on the right instead of the left since I part my hair on the right side.