Sunday, February 14, 2016

Little Root Organic Fabrics

I am so excited! There is finally a custom knit group that prints on organic cotton. And not only that - it's organic cotton that is knitted AND printed here in the US. AND the ink is organic based and applied using eco friendly methods. It's this Environmentalist's dream come true! Go join the Facebook Group and check out the Website.

Leah Kimberly is the woman behind Little Roots. She seems pretty awesome and I have enjoyed chatting with her on Facebook. I was so excited when she selected me to sew a strike off from her first round. Leah will only run all original prints all the time. Her turn around time from order to delivery will be super quick since everything is US based. Expected turn around time is only 3 weeks!

This first round is open through March 4th. The organic cotton lycra is 6.2 oz per square yard, per the website. The sample I received matched this weight exactly. The Flower Scroll sample I received was measured prior to washing. I washed on warm and dried on medium/high heat. I had ZERO shrinkage. I weighed my sample before and after the wash and the weight changed by only 0.1 oz. The stretch is about 25% in both directions and the recovery was very good. After washing the fabric was nice and soft. It cut easily and had very little rolling on the edges. It sewed up like a dream.

I was sent a fat half of the Floral scrolls and a smaller piece of the coordinating stripe. The stripes matched the Floral Scroll perfectly.

For these fabrics, I decided to make the Koerbs Brothers Stitch Design Hello Hi Lo Top. It was the perfect pattern to show how well these 2 prints worked together.