Thursday, February 18, 2016

Konstant Krafters PUL SUAT Market Bag

I got some beautiful PUL (unlaminated) samples from Konstant Krafters Fabric of 2 prints that are opening for pre-orders on February 19th. Typically people make diapers with PUL, but I've found that it is great for making reusable bags. The PUL is very durable yet soft and pliable.

These are the 2 prints I received.

This abstract floral swirl is so pretty. It has an oriental feel to it.

And I love geometirc prints with lots of color like this one.

I typically use a grocery bag as my template, but decided to try the free Market Bag pattern from Stitch Upon a Time.  I didn't take photos as I went - My PUL samples were a little smaller than the pattern pieces and didn't want to show something that may not have come out right.  I'll defiinitely use this pattern again. The bag size is good (about the size of your standard grocery store bag) and the instructions were easy to follow.

Here is my bag.

I have a loaf of bread, bag of potato chips, and a box of crackers in the bag.

I lined the bag with a cotton woven I bought at Golden D'or. I used this in a quilt for a coworkers baby girl a few years ago and bought way more than I needed.

The bag empty.

And here are pretty pictures of the bag laid flat.

I definitely recommend this PUL and the Market Bag pattern. I think my bag came out really cute.