Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Knitpicked Fabrics - Round 3 Sweet Tweets

I sewed up another strike off for Knitpicked Fabrics. This time it's a Round 3 print named "Sweet Tweets". The pattern is reminiscent of Mexican folk art in the style of the birds and flowers. There is also a companion print that is only flowers in the same style. It's cute and whimsical. The background is a soft lavender and the print has hues of green, coral , and yellow.

Knitpicked Fabrics is the only custom knit group that I have heard of that does not ask for payment of the fabric ordered during the pre-order UNTIL the fabric is delivered to them. This is amazing - especially in light of scandal that has rocked the custom knit world recently.

Round 3 is open for pre-order reservations until February 14th Here. The pre-order pricing is $19.50/yard.

For this strike off, I decided to make a Stitch Upon a Time Merryweather. I love the simplicity of this pattern and the variety of options it offers. I have blogged about it before (read it HERE).

The turquoise eyelet knit I used as a coordinate came from C&C Fabric in the Dallas Fabric District from their $2/yard table. It went perfectly with this print.

I was also sent a panel, which I used as one sleeve. I made a mistake though - the sleeve was supposed to be on my right arm so the birds head could be seen from the front. Once I realized my mistake, I decided to leave it. I was in no mood to seam rip.