Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wardrobe by Me - Hanna with Smoogie - Paris Chic

I've done many pattern tests for Wardrobe by me. This time I was just sewing one of Christina's patterns for fun. This is the Hanna. It's a knit top or dress - I, of course, chose the top.

I had purchased this beautiful Paris Chic fabric from Smoogie a few months ago and decide it would be the perfect Hanna. I only purchased a yard, so I decided to pair it with this pink knit I got at C&C Fabrics in the Dallas Fabric district for $1/yard.

The first step was to make the neckline.

Then, I sewed the bodice at the shoulders.

Then I basted the bottom of the neckline to the front of the top.

Then I clipped the corners and pinned the neckline on the rest of the way around.

I then basted it on then went over it with my serger.

Finished neckline.

Now I sewed the "skirt" pieces together to make the peplum. I made a front and a back.

I then gathered the bodice on the part marked on the pattern. I then serged the skirt front and back onto the bodice front and back.

Then I sewed up the side seams of the skirt and bodice.

Then I added the sleeves.

I added print cuffs to my sleeves.

Here I am in my finished Hanna.

I'm a little short for the pattern. I need to remove the skirt from the bodice and remove about 1 - 1.5 inches from the bodice and then reattach the skirt so that the gathers on the bodice are under my bust and not almost at my waist.

I think it turned out lovely and can't wait for spring to wear it.