Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Years Pledge - Make 100 Items to Give Away

I don't do New Year Resolutions. But I saw many people were doing a "sew 100 things" or "knit 100 things"  - etc. for the new year. And I thought to myself, "That seems easy - maybe I should do that". But then I thought about it and decided that it was too easy. Just on my blog I posted about at least 50 things I made last year. I don't blog about every item I make -  I easily made 100 things in 2015. But I'm always up for a challenge and decided I would make 100 things to give away in 2016. I figure I need to average 2 items a week. Doesn't sound too daunting...

I am off to a great start.

#1 - First item was a Frozen Olaf Lola Top from Violet Field Threads. This is a free pattern for their Give Hope campaign. I plan to make some to send to them. I made this one for the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards.


#2 -Then I made a Frozen Olaf Skirt - I didn't use a pattern. I just came up with this on my own. This was another item for the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards.

 Close-up of the print.

#3 - Was a Little Mermaid Skirt that I made for the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards. It was a Disney themed week and I have 2 items I'm finishing up that were customs I did that week.

#4 - I received a strike off panel from 3 Material Girlz latest round of custom knits. The Round has a set of panels and some coordinating fabrics that are Stylist related. I made my Stylist these Boxerwear (Stitch Upon a Time Pattern) with some heathered charcoal brushed jersey from Zenith & Quasar. This fabric is so wonderfully soft. Felix has a pair of boxerwear made with this and I think they are his favorite. I find them in the dirty clothes every week.

#5 - I made this upcycle from an old T-shirt of Felix's with some Minecraft Creeper custom knit from Affordable Fabrics and More. I made this for the Weekly Auction for Gwen. I used the Treasure Pocket Tee pattern from Duck Butt Designs for this top and the next 2.

#6 - Another upcycle with one of Felix's old T-shirts. This also was for the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards.

#7 - This was another upcycle of one of Felix's old T-shirts. I used some bowling themed knit I found at Golden D'or years ago. I probably got it during one of their $0.99/yard sales. This was also made for the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards.

I went to iron it before I took photos and the iron smeared some of the red lettering.

7 down and 93 to go. It sounds daunting, but I think I can do it. Wish me luck!