Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sweater Upcycle

I have a sweater that I just love how it fits, but last time I wore it I noticed a small hole in the sleeve. I've tried darning holes in  sweaters before and have never been happy with how they turn out - or they just end up opening back up. So I decided to take the sleeves off and replace them with knit sleeves.

Here is the sweater.

Here is the fabric I decided to use for the sleeves. This is a European organic cotton made by Kapynen and this print is called "Dodo". I purchased it from Emrose Fabrics - they are out o stock on this print. Jumping June Textiles still has it in stock.

First I cut the sleeve off that had the hole. I decided I would keep the cuffs and reuse them.

Here's the hole.

The sleeves had gathers at the top, but I really didn't want gathers in the new sleeves so I measured the top where the gathers were.

Then I laid the sleeve on my fabric and gathered the top of the sleeve to be about the width that I measured.

Here is the sleeve laid out on my fabric ready to cut.

I then cut both sleeves out and cut about 1/2 and inch from the holey sleeve to account for a seam allowance. I also added a little length to the sleeves. They were long enough, but my hands get cold at work and I like it when they cover my hands to my fingers.

Here is what the sleeves look like cut out.

Now to sew the inseam of the sleeves.

Now I pinned them to the body making sure the top part matched.

Then I serged them on and added the cuffs.

Here is the finished sweater.

I tried it on and it still fits great without the gathers in the sleeve. I'm so happy it turned out good. Now I can love my sweater longer.