Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fawnette Fabrics - Fancy Cats!

I was so excited to get a chance to sew a strikeoff for Fawnette Fabrics. They are a new custom knit group and their first round had a really cute cat print. Then they ran a flash round of the cat print in different colors - I was boring and bought it in black & white and a grey version. Check out their website - http://fawnettefabrics.tictail.com/. They are out of stock on the cats - but take a look at how cute they are.

Now they are on Round 2 and have "Fancy Cats" and a matching stripe. The Fancy Cats are very whimsical and fun. Fawnette prints on a 95% cotton 5% spandex base fabric with a 220 gsm weight. It feels so soft and I love this weight - nice and thick.

I originally wanted to make the Hey June Aurora Tee with the fabric - but that pattern was a little too wide for the fabric I had. I noticed the pieces were extremely similar to an Anna Maria Horner (AMH) pattern I had - the Lemon Drop Tee. So I took it out and laid it on the fabric - and it was slightly narrower - just enough to work. So I decided to cut the bottom sides of the lemon drop tee to look like the aurora tee.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

Here is a close up of Fancy Cats. I love the wallpapered wall with cat portraits look.

First I sewed the side panels onto the front and back pieces.

Then I topstitched the seam on my coverstitch.

Close up view of my coverstitching.

When I was topstitching I notice a very small hole in the fabric and grabbed a scrap of fusible interfacing (I happened to have some black) and ironed a small piece to the back to keep the hole from getting bigger or being noticeable.

Then it was time to add the neck band. 

Then I topstitched it down with my trusty coverstitch.

Then I added the lower sleeve piece to the body (which had a cap/short sleeve already).

Then I sewed the side seams and hemmed the sleeves and the bottom.

Here I am in my shirt!

I even made a shirt for my cat with some scraps.

Me trying to show off the side panels - and the cute striped coordinate.