Saturday, December 26, 2015

Everything Your Mama Made - Get Moving Leggings and Zenith & Quasar Winter Weight Supplex

I have loved every pattern I have made from Everything Your Mama Made (EYMM), and this one is no exception. I've tried several "legging" or "tights" patterns and have not found one that I absolutely love. So I decided to give the EYMM "Get Moving" leggings a try. I do like this one - but it's not quite love - but it is so close!  But I think I can make some adjustments to my next pair to make it love.

The wonderful Lilly Himrod of Zenith & Quasar sent me some of her new winter weight supplex to try  out. I'm already in love with the regular supplex and was so excited to try the heavier winter weight. The fabric content is 45% Supplex Nylon, 42% Polyester, and 13%Lycra Spandex and weighs a whopping 280 GSM. It has the same stretching ability as the regular supplex 50% in every direction and is so soft. You can buy the supplex at www.zenithandquasar.com for $20/yard - and I can make a pair of legging from 1 yard.

I used the heathered navy for my leggings. Here are my pieces.

Here's an up close look at the heathered Navy Supplex.

The EYMM pattern has you sew the front and back seams first. I used my serger for this.

Since the seams were easy to get to - I decided to topstitch them with my coverstitch for reinforcement.

This is what the seam now looks like on the inside.

Then the pattern called for the inseam of the legs to be sewn. I also did this on my serger and I sewed from the crotch to the ankle of each leg. After sewing the legs - I was seriously wondering if they would fit. They looked so narrow.

Now for the waistband. First I sewed the ends together. I often cut my waistband perpendicular to the leggings so that it fits on the yard of fabric. Since this fabric has the same amount of stretch in every direction, it doesn't affect the fit and I like the contrast when it's sewn on.

I folded the band in half and attached it with my serger.

Then I used my coverstitch to topstitch the seam of the band. This also reinforces the seam.

Then I hemmed them using my coverstitch. I'm super short at only 5' tall and I could have taken about 3 inches off the bottom of the leggings.

Here I am in the leggings. I paired them with a solid navy Laundry Day Tee (Love Notions - Free Pattern), patterned infinity scarf and dark brown sherpa lined boots.

The rise on these is perfect! On my next pair, I may tak an inch off of the height, but really I like them to reach my belly button.

Again - the rise is perfect and creates a nice smooth front.

Although the legs were slimmer tan I like - they did fit. And as you can see in this photo there wasn't any pulling at the seams. However, I do think I'll make the legs about an inch wider on my next pair just so I don't feel quite so constricted.

So far, this is the best legging pattern I have tried and I will definitely be making more - just with a few minor tweaks.