Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pink Zeppelin Poly Lycra Jersey Knit Peacock Feathers

Are you curious about the poly lycra Pink Zeppelin Fabrics is now offering? Yvi Osorio sent me a strike off. Here's my take on it. 

It's lightweight - nothing like what is offered by Cuddle Muffins or Zenith & Quasar. But that's okay. That makes this poly more drapey - it's very fluid. It would be great for those summery tops, dress, and skirts that need a lot of drape or are very flowy. 

It feels silky. I wasn't sure at first what I had. It has almost a swim feel, but not quite - it's almost like active wear. 

It has great stretch and recovery side to side, and has some vertical stretch (about 20%). 

The print is crisp and the colors are rich and amazingly vivid. 

I also love the price - it's $15/yard! 

I'll definitely buy this in addition to the cotton lycra. I can see using this for a lot of patterns where cotton lycra doesn't have enough drape to look right. The top I made is the Lotus Blossom Top from Love Notions. I made this top before in a custom cotton lycra (See post HERE) and was unhappy with the result since it did not drape properly for this pattern. So go give Yvi's poly lycra a try. The preorder closes on November 6th.

This is a closeup shot of the front of the top - to show the great drape and vivid colors.

Me in the top.

The back detail on this top is so cute and great for when you don't have enough fabric for the front and back since you can add a little of the design fabric to the top of the back.

Another photo of me in the top - since the top makes me look so thin.

And another - I need ,ore of these tops in a drapey fabric. I need to find a way to make it long sleeve.