Monday, October 12, 2015

Wardrobe by Me - Drop Shoulder Tee

Here is yet another pattern test for Wardrobe by Me. Christina Albeck's designs are always fabulous and on trend. This pattern was a drop shoulder tee. It can be made in woven or knit and I decided to do a mix. Buy the pattern on Etsy. Use coupon code "EASYTEE" for 30% off through October 17th.

When I first looked at the design, it was almost an exact copy of one of my favorite store bought shirts that is a v-neck coral top that is woven on front and the back is knit. It is so comfortable and versatile. So I was excited to recreate it. I decided to look through my scrap bin for a woven to use. I found a big scrap from another pattern test I did awhile back. See that blog post HERE. The fabric is a silky woven I purchased for $4/yard at Super Textiles in the Dallas Fabric District. I was originally going to use a solid color knit, but decided to use a dark teal knit that has a gold pattern printed on it. I purchased it for $1/yard at Golden D'or during one of their inventory clearance sales.

Here are all my pieces cut out. The shirt has many options, long sleeve or short, straight or curved bottom, v-neck or round. I went with the long sleeve, v-neck, and curved hem.

First step is to sew the front and back together at the shoulders.

Then the seam was ironed to the back.

Then the seam was topstitched using my coverstitch.

Then I pinned the sleeves to the top. Then serged them on.

Sleeves sewn on.

I had a little boo boo when cutting my front piece - I didn't check my placement and one side at the shoulder was messed up from a previous cut. So I cut a little off each front side shoulder and added that length to the back piece. So you can see in the photo above that the back side is forward a little bit. It's not the pattern - it's just me fixing my screw up.

Then the sides were sewn together for the bode of the top and the sleeves.

Then I hemmed the sleeves using my coverstitch.

I then hemmed the bottom using my coverstitch.

Then I sewed the neck band together.

I then pinned the band to the shirt and sewed it on. I topstitched it using my sewing machine. Doing a v-neck with the coverstitch is really difficult, so I decided to go the easy way.

Here I am in my finished top. I love it! I do wish the gold wasn't so shiny. I'm hopeful that as I wear and wash it, that it will fade. I'm really looking forward to making a few short sleeve ones for next year. I can see making a lot of these with the woven leftovers from other projects.

I made this one longer than the pattern called for since I wanted it to cover my booty and be able to wear it with my jeggings.

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