Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spot on You Patterns Little Crafter's Cape

Isis Fleet of Spot on You Patterns comes up with some unique sewing patterns. I tested her SockUmms awhile back. See the Blog Post HERE. So when Isis asked me if I would sew up a little crafter's cape - I had to agree.

All Spot on You Patterns are on Sale for 20% off through October 5th. Buy them HERE.

After I printed the pattern, I read through the instructions. I decided to make the biggest size and it required about 4 yards of bias tape. I had plenty of store bought bias tape, but decided I needed something fun that a kid would like - so I made my own.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

Before I started sewing, I marked the spots for the snaps.

The front and back were sewn together at the shoulder.

Then I sewed bias tape to the top edge of the pocket piece.

Here I am stitching the bias tape down.

I then placed the pocket onto the front and marked where I wanted to sew the dividers. I then pinned everything together and sewed down the lines.

Now it was time to add the bias tape all around the edge. I chose to start where the pocket started.

After I sewed the bias tape all around I flipped the edge over and sewed it down on the back side.

Here it is with the bias tape completely attached.  Then I added the snaps. I didn't get photos of this step because I had to have Mike do it for me and he wasn't too thrilled.

So here is my finished little crafter's cape. I put a few paint brushes in the pocket to give you an idea of how it works.

It also has snaps at the shoulder to adjust fully for smaller kids.

The snaps on the side ensure a great fit and make it easy to put on and take off. You can also use Velcro in place of snaps.

Since I don't have a little kid anymore, this one will go to one of my friends. If you are interested in it for your little one, let me know.