Monday, October 12, 2015

Simplicity 1463 - Zenith & Quasar "Like a Girl"

Zenith and Quasar has another awesome round open for preorder. This round is "Like a Girl" and is all about smart women in many different scientific fields. I think the fabric sends a great message that girls can do all things scientific. The panels offered show a photograph of a woman - for example Sally Ride and has the words "Fly - like a girl". There are 8 women highlighted. For this top I just used the photo collage print of all 8 women.

The Like a Girl prints can be ordered here and preorders are open until October 25th.

For this top I used one of my favorite patterns - Simplicity 1463.

First I gather the back.

Here's the back yoke.

I marked where the gathers should be.

I then lined everything up and pinned it together.

I then serged it together.

Then I topstitched using my coverstitch. I decided to use a grey thread.

The the front and back are sewn together at the sides.

Then the front sleeve pieces are stay stitched at the corners.

The sleeve front is pinned to the sleeve back.

The sleeves are serged together.

Then the sleeves are hemmed. I used my coverstitch.

Then the sleeves are attached to the body.

That corner part on the front is tricky. I use my regular sewing machine to put that piece on.

I also sewed the back to the sleeve using my sewing machine.

The sleeves just barely meet at the underarm.

I then hemmed the top. I rounded the bottom instead of having a point since trying to do the point on the coverstitch is a pain.

Here I am in my finished top.

I love it and will definitely wear it to work. I'm a scientist so I think it's appropriate.

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