Thursday, October 1, 2015

Koerb Bros. Stitch Designs - Block the World Lounge Set

I received a strike off from PNW Fabrics recently. I had no idea what I was being sent. I received 2 different fabrics. This one was a beautiful aqua with white snowflakes. When I saw it, I immediately thought of Frozen.

Not too long ago The Fabric Geeks had a $1 panel sale. The panels I really wanted sold out really quick, but I decided to go ahead and buy a few. Some that I bought were Frozen Elsa panels. When I got the panels, a few were connected and had partial panels that were also connected. The aquas were beautiful together.

I also recently bought a pattern on sale from Koerbs Bros Stitch Designs (KBSD) called Block the World Lounge Set. Since my Elsa panels were connected like they were, I was able to use them with this pattern.

Here are my pieces.

Here is a close up look at the PNW Aqua Snowflake fabric.

I made my sleeves pieced since I did not have enough of the snowflake print for the entire sleeve.

This pattern is cut so that the seams for the body of the shirt go down the front and the back instead of the sides. Here I had sewn the front and back pieces together.

I then topstitched the seam with my coverstitch.

The coverstitch makes such a nice finish on the inside.

I also topstitch the seam on the sleeves with my coverstitch.

Next I sewed the upper bodice pieces to the front and back.

And I topstiched those seams with my coverstitch as well.

I then hemmed the shirt using my coverstitch,

I just wanted to show off the nice finish I get from my coverstitch again.

I sewed the seams of the sleeves.

I then sewed the bands for the neck and sleeves.

Then I turned them right side out and ironed them in half.

I added the bands the the sleeves. Then I sewed the sleeves onto the body of the shirt.

Then I sewed the band to the neck.

Here is the front of my finished shirt.

Closeup of Elsa and the snowflakes.

Here is the back side. What you see on the left is the edges of 4 panels where they join.

I'm so happy with how this turned out. This is a kids size 10/12 and will be up for auction in the Weekly Auction for Gwen:Cancer Warrior. Date to be announced.