Sunday, October 25, 2015

Greenstyle Creations Laurel Tunic

Greenstyle Creations had a 40% off sale awhile back and I bought a few patterns to try. I have fallen in love with the Laurel Tunic and Dress. It's easy to make. Has several options. And best of all - it's very figure flattering. You can buy it HERE.

I used a winter sweater strike off from PNW Fabrics for the bodice and a solid dark blue I bought from the Dallas Fabric District for the rest. You can purchase PNW fabrics HERE.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

Here is the pattern cover page. It has a cowl neck, but for this top I decided to do a banded neck.

First the bodice front and back are sewn together at the shoulders and sides. I cut the front neckline higher than the pattern.

To do the neck band, I used a measuring tape to measure the length around my neckline. I then multiplied that number by 0.8 to get the length needed for the band. I cut my band 2" wide and by the length I calculated. I then sewed the ends together.

Then I pinned the band to the neck evenly all around.

I then serged it on.

Then I topstitched the seam down with my coverstitch.

Then I sewed the seam of the sleeves.

I then turned the bodice inside out and placed the sleeves inside right side out and pinned them in place.

Then I serged them on.

Now for the skirt. I did the tunic length and I did the pleats in the front and the back. Here I am marking my pleats.

Pleats are marked.

Pleats are folded and pinned into place.

The pleats are then sewn down with a long straight stitch.

The font and back of the skirt are sewn together at the sides. Then the skirt is pinned to the bodice and serged on.  I then hemmed the skirt with my coverstitch and I added a band to the sleeves.

Here is my finished Laurel tunic.

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