Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wardrobe by me - Mirri Wrap Dress

I've done a couple of pattern tests for Christina Albeck of Wardrobe by Me and they never disappoint. This one is no exception. This dress is so easy to sew and has very few pieces. Plus, it's quite flattering on. You can purchase this pattern on Etsy for $9.64 on Sale now.

The fabric I used was purchased at C&C Fabrics in the Dallas Fabric District. I bought it specifically for this dress and it was only $5/yard. I purchased 3 yards and only used about 1.5 yards.  This is my fabric.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

The first step was to fold the pleats on the right front piece. Photo below is before pleats are folded.

Here are the pleats folded and pinned in place.

Now they are basted together.

Next it was time to serged the top and bottom together. First the skirt is laid right side up on my table. Then I place the right side, right side down, on top of the skirt lining up the side and folding the facing of the right side in.

Then I placed the left side, right side down, on top. Then I pinned it all together, then serged the seam.

Here is my serger set up with wooly nylon in the loopers. The wooly nylon is stretchy and is best for when serging an item that needs to be able to stretch. The wooly nylon is hard to see - it's behind my machine. The spools are too big to sit on my machine.

Here I am serging the waist seam.

Here is the front all together.

Now it was time to sew the collar seam.

Now to sew the back of the bodice to the back of the skirt. First I laid them out and pinned.

Then serged the seam.

Now to sew the collar to the back neckline. Basically, I lined up the shoulders and the back of the neck to make it one continuous seam on the serger. The instructions for the pattern take a different approach, but I like to use my serger as much as possible, and the instructions would have required I use the sewing machine.

Now I had to fold the collar and facing to the inside.

Now to stitch the collar down to the neckline.

I like to sew it onto my serged seam.

 Finished neckline.

Now to serge the side seams.

Dress just needs to be hemmed at the sleeves and skirt and it's done.

Here I am in my finished dress. I am thinking about removing the skirt and replacing it with a long skirt, but haven't decided. For now, I'm going to leave it short.

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