Monday, September 7, 2015

Made Whimsy Winter Moose Burda Style Top

Here is another strike off I sewed for Made Whimsy by You Made Something.

This one is Winter Moose. The actual fabrics will look different. The panel will have stripes and the main print will be a darker true black. I love how this is wintry without being Christmasy. It could be worn all winter.

Here is a closeup of the panel.

I used Burda Style Pattern Panel Jersey Top #104 for these.

Here are all my pieces cut out.

Here is the main print.

First I sewed the top 2 pieces together.

Then I started to piece the bottom part. Here are 2 pieces sewn together.

Then the side piece is sewn on to the 2 bottom ones. Then this was sewn onto the top half.

The pattern called for a solid 1 piece back, but my main print was limited, so I decided to piece it together. The fabric on the bottom half is distant galaxies from Zenith & Quasar Designs. I love to use it in place of solid black in projects.

I then worked on the sleeves and pieced them as well. I needed to spread out the main fabric as much as I could.

Now to baste the drape neck in place.

A strip of knit binding is added to the top of the back piece.

I topstitched it into place with my coverstitch.

I can't saw enough how much I love my coverstitch.

The back over laps the front and is basted in place.

Then the sides are sewn together. With the top inside out, you can see how everything is pieced together.

The sleeves are now sewn along the seam.

Now to pin the sleeves in place and sew them on.

Just need to hem.


This shirt is being donated to the Weekly Auction for Gwen Edwards: Cancer Warrior. It will be up for auction the week of October 26th. Join the group to bid on this item or other wonderful handmade items.