Sunday, August 9, 2015

Riki Prints 867-5309 Simplicity Top

Sara Soto Garcia of Riki Prints custom knit donated fabric for an auction for a lady who is in her 4th year of battling cancer. I agreed to sew the fabric after the auction into the winning bidders item of choice. The auctions are held every week if you are interested in buying some great hand made items. https://www.facebook.com/groups/weeklyauctionforgwenedwards/

The week I was helping with was 80's week. Sara had run an "Accceptable in the 80's" custom knit round and sent me a yard of 867-5309.

I winning bidder wanted a shirt that was longer in the front and back. I sent her a few photos of patterns that I thought would work, and she picked one of my favorites. Simplicity 1463.

Here are all my pieces.

First step is to stay stitch the v neck.

Then gather the back piece to attach to the upper back bodice piece.

Attach the back pieces together.

Now sew the front to the back at the sides.

Now it's time to make the flutter sleeves. Stay stitch the notched area first.

Then sew the 2 pieces of the sleeve together.

Then I hemmed them.

Then they get sewn to the front - which is the tricky part since there is a corner.

Then sew them to the back and sew the small section of the sleeve before the shirt body.

Now to add the neck band - also kinda difficult. V-necks are always tricky. Here is the band.

Now to pin it to the neck and sew it on.

Then I topstiched the neck band down with my coverstitch and I was done.