Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dallas Fabric District

I went to the Dallas Fabric District last week and only visited a few of the stores. This is by far, the best place to go buy fabric in the area.

First I went to Wherehouse Fabrics. They have a Facebook page, but it's not very active. They are located at 2675 Perth STreet, but have 3 stores on Perth. The main one is at the corner of Perth and Harry Hines. This is the one I will show you first.

Here is a table they have of apparel fabrics - all are $6/yard. Lots of unique stuff in here. SOme of it's knit, there are wovens, and sheers. A huge mix of stuff. You really have to dig and pull them out to really get a good look.

A view into the "main area"

This lady is always here and is very nice and helpful. She's cutting some cotton woven I found in the front area. I didn't get a photo - and should have. All their cotton wovens are $5/yard and voiles are $6/yard. You can find Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, many Free Spirit Designers, and occasionally Tula Pink and Cotton & Steel.

Next I went to their more "outlet" type store next door.  Here is what it looks like from the outside.

I always check out this table first. It's a remnant table and it's $2.50/yard - but you have to take the entire piece. Sometimes the pieces are 5 yards. I find lots of goodies here. It's a mix of all types of fabric.

They also have several tables of apparel fabric here as well, and these are $3.50/yard. I find stuff here, but I don't think it's as nice as the "main" store's selection.

They also have cotton wovens here and here they are $3.50/yard. I have found Liberty and Kokka fabrics here. You just never know what you will find.

Then I went next door to Super Textiles and saw Steve. His store is one of my favorites.

This is what it looks like on the outside. Just a sign that says Fabrics. The credit card receipt will show Super Textiles.

This wall is mostly knit fabrics. Most are $4/yard. He has some very nice french terry and it's $5/yard. He often has a great selection of ITY knits as well.

Here are some cotton wovens. He has a lot of Free Spirit designers and those black dots mean they are $4/yard. The blue dots are $3/yard.

Another rack of cotton wovens. See his color dot price guide?

Steve also has a variety of other fabrics and I often find some ally nice stretch lace here. He also boasts the largest selection of buttons in the US. He has 3 rooms filled with buttons. If you need a particular button - he probably has it.

Then I went to C&C next door.

Lots of cotton wovens here. Most are $5/yard. They also have knits on the right wall. And there is a second room with more fabric. This is also a great place for stretch lace. I always check out their table at the very back that has $2/yard fabrics. I often find some great stuff on it - Usually Michael Miller cotton Wovens and some knits.

On this trip I did find some Dear Stella Carousel Horse in Indigo. I see people looking for this on the destash pages all the time.

This is just to show you the sign for C&C.

So if you haven't been, go check it out. There is a new Facebook Group for just the DFW area (I'm an Admin). Join it and look for upcoming organized trips to the Dallas Fabric District.

And please check out my Facebook page to see what I'm sewing.