Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Vision to Remember - Lexi-Lou Rag Bag Pattern Test

Join seven seamstresses as we sew up the New Lexi-Lou bag from A Vision to Remember. There will be one or two bloggers each day, be sure to visit them all as no two bags are the same!
*NOTE* The links below won’t show the tour posts until their day of the tour, but you are encouraged to click through and check their blogs out.
Be sure to leave a comment each day to be entered to win a free pattern. Each blogger will be choosing one comment from their blog to receive a free pattern from A Vision to remember.
Also, the Lexi-Lou Pattern has been discounted 25% this week! Get yours now on Craftsy or Etsy!

I did a pattern test for Bobbie Stucki of A Vision to Remember. You can find her patterns on Etsy. Check out her blog at www.avisiontoremember.com

Here is a link to the pattern Lexi Lou.

I have never sewn a purse before. So this was a first for me. It was challenging, but it was fun.

The first step was cutting out all the pieces. And there are a lot of pieces. Normally I take a photo of all my pieces together, but there were too many and I was trying to keep them organized so they were on the floor in piles.

The first step was to construct the outside pockets. This involved sewing strips of fabric in a quilt as you go method onto a flannel rectangle. But you leave the edges ra - for the full rag effect in the end.

Here is the pocket with all the strips. Later I'll cut off the excess. There is one of these pockets on each side of the bag.

Then I made the inside small pocket. It was a piece of flannel sandwiched between 2 pieces of fabric. Only the top edge was sewn straight across - again leave raw edges.

Then I ironed fusible interfacing to the straps. This was the pect use of my scrap interfacing. I hate to throw any pieces away and save the scraps for pieces. They work great for things like this.

The straps were then folded in half lengthwise right sides together and sewn. Then turned rightside out and ironed.

Then it was time to make the zippered section. First the fabric pieces were sewn together.

Then I added an invisible zipper. I would have used a regular zipper, but I couldn't find one in my stash that matched. My invisible zipper color wasn't great either, but not as noticable.

Next, I sewed the outside pockets onto the outside pieces of the purse. I trimmed the sides of the pocket, but left the extra at the bottom - for now.

Then it was time to sew the small inside pocket onto the inside piece of the purse.

Now it was time to sew the side to the purse. Here it is with one side attached.

Then the other side was added along with the large inside pocket - which is really a divider.  And now both are attached. Raw seams for the rag look all the way around.

Then it was time to attach the straps and the zippered top. I don't think I attached the zipper part correctly, but it works.

Here is my finished purse.

I still need to wash it to get the full rag effect as the fabric frays a bit.

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