Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sew Much Fabric - Winter Wonderland Strike Offs

I love the winter wonderland prints that Sew Much Fabric has in their Round 5 Pre-order. Sew Much Fabric prints on a 95% cotton/5% Spandex 190-200 gsm knit. It feels wonderful. The Winter Wonderland prints are open for pre-orders until August 8th. They are $20/yard during the pre-order.

I sewed up the Penguins - for myself, and I made a childs size 4 top with the Mama Bear, MamaBear Panel, and Ice Crystals.

I decided to use a free pattern that I used recently - the Portia Top from DixieDIY. Get the free pattern here - Portia Top. This time I decided to make it a long sleeve top since it is for winter.

So I placed the top piece with the sleeve on my fabric and cut the sleeve long.

Then I placed the front piece on top of the back sleeve piece and cut it to match the sleeve.

Here it is cut.

Then I cut out the side pieces from the penguins and the center front and back from a black & white chevron. Here are all my pieces.

The first step is to sew the front shoulder pieces together and sew the sleeves.

Next add the side panels.

Now add the center pieces,

Next, it's time to add a neck band and band to the sleeves.

Now to hem it and be done!

Here I am in my new winter top.

Now onto the kids top. First I added fabric to the top and bottom of the panel. Luckily I had the perfect shade of blue knit in my stash. After adding the fabric, I used my coverstitch to top stitch the seams. Then I added fabric to the sides. Then I cut my shirt front. I used the solid blue for the back. Then I sewed the top and front together at the shoulders.

Next, I added the neck band.

Then I topstitched it down with the coverstitch.

Next it was time to add the sleeves. These polar bears are so cute!

On the shirt.

Then I serged the side seams and the final step was to hem the top.


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