Sunday, July 5, 2015

Riki Prints - Geared Up Punk Panel Strike Off

Sara Soto Garcia of Riki Prints (check them out on Facebook at RikiPrints/) sent me a strike off of the "Geared Up Punk" panel with my recent order. This panel is part of the Dark Round. I really thought my son would love this panel, but when I showed it to him he gave me a funny look. He would have liked it better if it was all black & white. But he loves the background of the gears - which will also be available for purchase. I thought this panel was super cool and loved the details in the design. This fabric is available for preorder now through July 15. Order at The Dark Round Order Form.  The panel will be available on its own or as a yard with the panel on half and the coordinate on the other half.

Since I wasn't making anything for my son, I figured I'd make myself something to show that a girl can wear it too. I chose to use my Simplicity 9760 easy chic pattern as a guide. I wanted to keep as much of the design as possible, so decided that a loose wide neck dolman sleeve top would be cute and simple.

For the back of the shirt I decided to use this charcoal gray jersey with silver treads. I bought it a few years ago at Hobby Lobby on the mark down rack for $3/yard.

First I cut my front and back pieces.

Then I sewed the top and back together at the shoulder seams with my serger.

Then I used my coverstitch to hem the neckline.

I love how perfect it looks.

Look a little closer.

Then I sewed the side seams with the serger.

Looking good.

Then it was time to hem the sleeves and the bottom.

Then I tried it on and it was way too wide. I didn't take photos of that. Since it was to wide (especially at the bottom) I took out the bottom hem about 1.5 inches on each side of the side seam. Then I serged the sides together again taking about 3" off from the underarm down the sides. Then I hemmed the bottom again. It was still a little looser than I wanted, but decided to leave it alone.

So here I am in the finished product.  I think it's cute hanging off one shoulder a little bit.