Sunday, May 24, 2015


Today I made a Spoxxy. It's like a sporty tank top with a racer back. The pattern is made by Stitch Upon a Time and is available on Etsy at Etsy Spoxxy Listing 

It's a pretty simple pattern and goes together fairly quick.

First off - with pdf patterns you must check that the 1" test box is indeed 1". If it is, you take the pieces together and get started.

Here are all my pieces laid out. The blue and white Hawaiian print is a french terry that I got from Golden D'or in one of their body bag sized scrap bags. These scrap bags are $8 and filled with about 50 pounds (or more) of fabric. Most of it is test pieces that have test holes in them, some are flawed pieces, and some look perfectly fine. The red (it's actually a heathered red) for the back is an old t-shirt bed sheet. And the red strips I use for the binding is just some red rib knit. I think it also came from a Golden D'or grab bag.

The first step is to sew 2 lines across the back piece to gather it.

You gather until the piece is the same width of the yoke.

Then, with right sides together, you serge them together.

The pattern stated you could fold the seam up to the yoke and topstitch it down. So I used this opportunity to use my new coverstitch machine. I set it to a double needle narrow coverstitch.

The next step was to serge the sides and the shoulders of the front and back together.

The next step is to put the binding on the neck and armholes. First the ends of the bands are sewn together.

Next you place pins marking the halfway points front to back, and side to side.on the shirt and on the bands.

Then you attach the bands matching the pins and repining them. Then you serge the band on. Here is the neck band attached.

Then I attached the bands to the armholes. Then I used my coverstitch machine to topstitch the bands down. Then I used the coverstitch to hem the bottom of the top. There is an option to add a band, but I didn't want one. Here it is finished.

Back view.

Here I am wearing it.

I also tested a pattern this weekend for ladies shorts. I can't show them to you until the pattern is released. But they do match my top.