Saturday, May 23, 2015


I have a coworker who's daughter is into all things geeky/nerdy - just like my son. I had some scraps left over from a Dr. Who pajama top, and I had a scrap of some Minecraft fabric I got in a mystery pack - so I made her some headbands.

First I gathered my supplies. Fabric, cutting mat, rotary cutter, scissors, and elastic.

The Dr. Who fabric came from Bebe Flow Fabric. http://bebeflowscustoms.bigcartel.com/
I don't recall where the Minecraft piece came from.

The first step was to cut a pieces that was approximately 15" by 7".

Then I needed to taper the ends. So I folded the piece in half and half again.

In this photo I drew a line to show how I cut the ends so they taper down to 4 inches wide from 7.

This is what it looks like.

I made the Dr. Who one first and I did a rolled hem on the edges.

But it curled really bad. I tried this on the Minecraft one and it did the same.  I tried different settings, but it still did it. So I decided to serge the edges together on the Minecraft headband.

On the Doctor Who headband, I left the edges wavy and attached them to a piece of elastic covered in fabric. Here is the elastic and fabric before I sewed it.

This photo shows it sewn together with the wavy edges exposed. The idea is to have the edges underneath and it allows the wearer to make the headband as wide or narrow as they want.

Here are a few photos of it being worn. These were taken by her mom.

The next step on the Minecraft head band was to make the elastic covered piece.

I then attached one end to the main part folding the excess headband ontop of the elastic and serging it together. I used almost the same method for the Doctor Who head band.

What it looked like on the outside.

Since the headband was closed, I could not enclose the other end if it was serged, so I had to sew the other end together using the regular sewing machine. I gathered in the same manner, but folded the end inside to hid the raw edges.

Finished outside.

And here is the final headband.

The Minecraft head band was made using the same measurements as the Doctor Who head band, but due to the slightly different construction, it came out smaller. I'll have to see if it fits. If not, it will be easy to replace the elastic with a longer piece.